Nárameiðsl - Bólga í lífbeini ( Osteitis Pubis)


Osteitis Pubis or OP is a painful inflammation of the bone of the pubic area and can happen when you work out too hard too soon, or when the muscles of the core, hip and groin are too weak.



If you play a kicking sport, or a game that has a rapid change in direction or has  stop ,start activity ,then you are a chance to get osteitis pubis (OP) at some time in your career.

If you do sustain an osteitis pubis injury, the recovery time can be significant – around 12-20 weeks depending on the severity. Osteitis pubis treatment will require the help of a health professional.

There are a few things that you can do to avoid experiencing osteitis pubis, such as:

  • Regular massages to release tight muscles around the groin and hip region Working within your body’s limits, building up workout intensity over time and keeping the abductor muscles strong is important
  • Increasing your body's core stability with a health professional or Pilates instructor
  • Wearing Supacore CORETECH compression shorts and compression leggings both during and after exercise to provide additional core stability and benefit from the built in sacroiliac belt support




The core body mapped, ribbed compression provided by the patented technology can help to stabilise the pelvis and allow the healing process to take place. The unique waistband contained in the shorts and leggings mimics the body’s core stability system and, in many instances, athletes have found immediate relief.