Groin injuries comprise up to  5 % of all sports injuries. In competitive football the numbers increase up to 25%.A groin strain causes sharp pain or spasms in the groin area or lower abdominal region. The pain can quickly resolve, or it can persist, developing into a throbbing pain at rest with sharp stabs of pain when you try to move your leg or walk.

Other types of groin pain include sports hernia, groin disruption, iliopsoas bursitis, stress fractures, avulsion fractures, nerve compression and snapping hip syndrome.

Groin strains usually happen when the adductor muscles get stretched too far and begin to tear. Strains also can occur when the adductor muscles suddenly have stress put on them when they aren't ready for it (as when someone doesn't go through a proper warm-up before playing) or when there's a direct blow to one of the muscles.

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